Loose Things (EP)


I finished my first own EP! It's been a wonderful process of learning more mixing techniques, for sure. But more importantly, it was giving in to the idea of letting a creative manifestation develop itself over time.

Please check it out here!



For developing a JavaScript/CSS browser game, I needed some image strips. Despite my strong belief to find something online, I could not find a single simple solution. That's why I created a tool myself, that takes single sprite images and glues them together to one long strip. For finding additional information and the download link, click here.

flowgallery.js v0.6.5 Refactor


flowgallery.js is a handy library for sliding galleries. It is one of the most useful ones, though it does not seem to be in development anymore. Its website shows an API documentation which applies for the development version 0.7.0 only. This turns out to load quite slowly only and is officially not stable.
I refactored the stable version 0.6.5 and added promised methods.
For more information on my refactored version click here. For viewing a demo click here. Visit me on GitHub!

TC NetworkDemoServer - Wireless-LAN TV remote control, Music-, Presentation-, Filecontrol and Screen viewer for smartphones


NetworkDemoServer is a fully autonomous werbserver that allows you to control your TV or music applications on your computer remotely via your smartphone. It is platform-independent and works with any smartphone that has a webbrowser! Furthermore you have access to all your files and can watch diashows. Read more in english or german.

Winamp Simple NowPlaying HTTP


This general purpose Winamp plug-in gathers information about the current playing song and sends it to a HTTP server via GET request. The information gathered is: Artist, Album, Title
It is still a beta version since some servers will not recognize special characters.
To see more information on the plugin and to download it, click here.

SQLitePA - A Java Persistence API for SQLiteJDBC


I have released a Java Persistence API for SQLiteJDBC. Click here for more details.