TC Jump'N'Run

TC Jump'N'Run makes use of nearly all programming skills I have ever used to generate source codes.
It uses the tcBitmap and tcVideo libraries to parse and buffer (uncompressed) .BMP- and (uncompressed) .AVI-files. Furthermore, tcCompress combines all data files Huffman-compressed in just one package file and provides a stream handler, by which you can read byte by byte from a file out of the package.
The game explicitly does not use ANY dll except from DDraw to gain access to the direct screen buffer and video memory.

Moreover, the executable's size is only 193 KB!

All graphic rights remain by their respective owners.
The mario's pic and some tiles are copied from the game MegaMario, Copyright Jens Wellmann.
The enemies are from:

Download now (12.2 MB, English, win32)

I am not a graphic designer! Besides, after a long coding time, I miss time to build adventurous levels!

Play the game to the end and unlock the level editor!

Henceforth I start a map-contest: Just send me in your own maps and I will consider including them into the main game!

My own map: