TC Music-Library

Everyone listens to music today. In my younger days it discomforted me that every single mp3 I had to search through browsing their corresponding directories. I did not know any website that could help me (though it might have existed).
As a result I programmed the TC Music-Library. It uses the bass.dll to play music files and the unrar.dll to extract rar-archives.
By scanning music on your harddrives, it writes the filenames into a local database; including audio files residing in rar-archives.

By the ever-lasting visions and demands of a friend the application gradually developed to a powerful but at the same time a still simple audio player. That was and is one of the essential aims a further development may justify: simplicity and performance.


"A simple and easy-to-use audio player"


"TC Music Library - Musik aus RARs spielen"

(, german article)

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