FlowGallery Demo

(unofficial refactored v0.6.5r by Robin Tenhagen)


The API is similar to the original version. A call to the generating method responses an object for dealing with the gallery.
var flowGallery = $('#gallery').flowGallery();

The methods contain almost all on the website declared methods (that are actually only part of the development version 0.7.0, and not of 0.6.5). In addition, it provides the also in the development version 0.7.0 implemented "getActiveIndex()" - method.
Method Returns Description
getLength() number get number of images in gallery
getOptions() Object get current configuration options of gallery - these are the passed options merged with the defaults
jump(index) FlowGalleryApi move to image with specified index
next() FlowGalleryApi move to next image
prev() FlowGalleryApi move to previous image
getActiveIndex() number get index of current image

Created by Boris Searles. Released under the MIT license.